Wednesday, October 27, 2010


After a long time i have given recipes.I have tried many sandwich fillings for my husband lunch. Some of them are
1. carrot poriyal
2. spring onion +broccoli
4. cooked moongdal+corn+spinach like dal
5. jam+cheese or butter
6. beans+carrot+onion or spring onion
7. 3 color bell peppers+white onion
8. potato podimas or potato kara poriyal
9. small red radish+onion
10. chowchow+onion
11.cabbage poriyal
12. bread roll from vcuisine

We can stuff all types of fried vegetables & poriyal .Some people didnot like fresh vegetgbales in lunch. If we do with less oil& half cooked it will be delicious. For spicy I will put pepper powder or chilli powder or sambar powder.
First i will toast the bread & spread butter or jam.And i will spread the cheese & cooked vegetables
Sometimes i will also spread chutneys also.
i think u will enjoy my recipe.

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