Saturday, July 28, 2007


In tamilnadu, we celebrate “aadi velli” (Friday) in the month of july 15 – aug 15 for every Friday we do neivadyam to amman. Aadi is the tamil month. In the temples also special poojas will be there. In the house, they do sweets like sakkara pongal. I do Karachi halwa for goddess.

All purpose Flour / Maida – 1cup
Chopped Cashwenut- 2 teaspoon
Ghee- 100gm
Yellow color- a pinch

1. In a pan add water and sugar. Make a sugar syrup in one layer(i.e . kambi pagu).
2. Add water in maida and make a thin batter without any lum ps . Add yellow color.
3. Pour it in the pan and mix it continuously.
4. Add the ghee. Stir till all the liquid is absorbed and get a thick paste.
5. Add cardamom and cashews fried in ghee.

Timings: 30 min

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