Thursday, September 20, 2007

Black Urad Dal Dosa

Hello friends, i am so busy for the past days. Because of vinayaka chaturthi and by some compitments.

" Happy Vinayaka Chaturthi to all"

Dosa is good for hip for particularly ladies. It is different taste also. We can also eat mullagabadi or sugar. My mother-in-law will prepare a mullagabdi for this. It will also be nice.

Broken Black urad dal-100 g
Boiled rice- 500 g/ ½ padi
Methi seeds-1/2 teaspoon
Salt as per taste.

1.Soak the urad dal and rice separately for 5 hrs. Then first grind the without
removing the skin of urad dal.
2.And it grinded fully soft add the rice with it.
3.It must not be so soft at the stage add the salt.
4.It must be under fermentation for overnight.
5.And make dosa in the morning. If it is thick add water. The batter color is little
brown only.
6. Serve it with chutney, mullagabadi.

Time:5 min

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